How to Get Rid of a Dying Tree – Removing a Tree Safely

How to Get Rid of a Dying Tree – Removing a Tree Safely

Trees enrich the beauty of our landscape and maintain the balance of nature. But when they are diseased, dying or dead, they pose a hazard and may have to be taken out. We are the experienced tree removal service to do the job quickly and safely.

The majestic tree in your yard may have become ravaged by disease or decay. Difficult as it maybe to say goodbye, you may have to accept the fact that it will have to come down. Let us inspect it, for free, so you’ll know for sure. Do you have any questions about tree services for us – click hereTree services - tree removal

It may pose a hazard. If it is severely decayed, it will become brittle and susceptible to breakage. At that point it becomes a danger to others.

It may lose its support system and topple onto the house in a tornado.

Large branches can snap off and fall on top of cars or people.

Roots may destroy the foundation, or break the seams of water and sewer lines.

Emergency Tree Removal Service

When a violent storm causes a tree to crash down, we can remove it with one call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can also work with your insurance company.

Whether you have a true emergency or a potential hazard, trust us to evaluate your situation correctly and take care of the problem. Our technicians have the experience and skill needed to dismantle safely and completely. Thorough removal stops large roots from causing further property damage.

When to Remove Trees

A tree is overhanging or leaning toward a structure.

It has been struck by lightning.

It has hollow spots, mushrooms growing around the base or missing leaves.

It is in the way of new construction, like an addition to your house or a pool.

Large roots are lifting the home’s foundation or sidewalk.

There are signs of cracks in your swimming pool.

A tree has been damaged by tornadoes or other violent windstorms.

A stand of trees needs thinning to ensure the health of the strongest specimens.

Utility Line Clearance

It is important to maintain trees around power lines. A dead or damaged specimen nearby must be removed; if it falls on a line, it will knock out power to hundreds or thousands of people, and can also start a fire. As your tree removal service, we’ll take care of it safely before an accident happens.tree removal

How is a Tree Removed?

If your tree is still standing, our experienced technicians will inspect it, explain its condition and go over the procedure for removing it. Usually this involves cutting the crown – the main leafy part –in layers, using cranes and ropes to lower the branches to the ground. The trunk is sliced into sections and carefully removed. And then the stump is ground up as close to the ground as possible. This prevents tripping and stops roots from continuing to grow.

Tree removal is a dangerous operation that takes a high degree of skill and experience. We do the job using best safety practices and reliable equipment such as saws, bucket trucks, cranes, stump grinders and Bobcats. Dismantling a tree in an urban or suburban area is especially challenging and requires experience and care. Our tree company has the knowledge and resources to do it.

Debris Removal

We provide thorough chipping, cutting and removal of plant debris. We guarantee we will restore your yard to pristine condition. Since 1993, our tree removal service has taken a pride and care in our work that you can see in our many testimonials. Let us handle your problem trees, and keep your existing ones healthy.

We can also plant replacements; in fact, in some areas, it is the law to do so. Perhaps your species was not a good fit for your area. We can suggest hearty alternatives that will thrive, and maintain them for you.

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