What is fundamentals?

When I start investing, I think that there will be opportunities to know the word “fundamentals”.Those who have never made an investment can not hear it.Here we will look at its fundamentals.Translation of fundamentals means “basic conditions necessary for stability of the economy”.More to chew, it is about how good the country or company is doing.Take an example and assume you are the president who is the company’s top.I will find a company that will participate in the project when I make a new project.

I recruited a company to participate, I think that there are applications from various companies.You will choose the company that suits you from the companies that have applied for it.At that time, if we do not know what company the company is, we can not predict the future of the company.If you can not predict, you can not choose that company.In such a case, if there is fundamentals, it will be smooth to select a company that will participate after analyzing the company.Well, let’s compare this to a country.

I anticipate that the future of that country will be what, if the country is growing, the demand for currencies will increase.This is called “fundamentals analysis” by analyzing fundamentals.What will become of what fundamentals analysis will do is to predict the movement of the rate and possibly not miss that opportunity.This is an effective analysis when you want to make a lot of profits, not to judge whether the rate goes up or down.

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