What is FX Trade Financial

There are two types of binary option products handled by FX Trade Financial.

  •  “HIGH LOW”
  • “HIGH LOW major”

are two, but here we introduce the features of these two items.

  •  “HIGH · LOW”

“HIGH · LOW” which is one of the binary options of FX Trade · Financial, after the fixed time has elapsed, it is judged whether it is higher (HIGH) or lower (LOW) than the current exchange rate It is a transaction of a method of choosing from options.

For example, in the case of a pair of currencies called US dollar / yen, if you anticipate that the yen depreciates at a fixed time, it is anticipated that the dollar will rise, so choose “HIGH”.

On the contrary, if you expect that the yen appreciates the dollar’s depreciation, it is expected that the dollar will go cheap, so choose “LOW”.

When a predetermined time has elapsed, when a prediction is hit, a refund is done.

“HIGH · LOW” has the following currency pairs.

  •  “US dollar / yen”
  •  “euro / yen”
  •  “pound sterling / yen”
  • “Australian dollar / yen”

In the case of trading, one mouth is 1,000 yen, which is characterized by a point not involving transaction fee.

Therefore, it is very popular for those who do not have knowledge or experience about FX.

Regarding the fixed time, there are 3 types after 1 hour, after 4 hours have passed, after 1 day has elapsed from the start of trading.

Since transactions are completed in such short time, it is easier to manage money, and it does not cause damage more than the money bought, so it’s easy to manage risks easily.

Also, in FX trading, it is necessary to analyze the chart, so it is often stressed.

On that point, this product can be said to be a feature that can be easily done even by an amateur, and the point that you can trade when you like it.

I will also post information on that “HIGH · LOW”.

Minimum purchase amount: 1000 yen

Transaction fee: Free

refund magnification: 1.8 to 1.9 times

Finish time: 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day after

currency pair

  •  (US $ / yen)
  •  (Euro / yen)
  •  (GBP / Yen)
  • (Australian dollar / yen)
  •  (Euro / US dollar)
  • (British pound / US dollar)

Next is “HIGH LOW major”.

  •  “HIGH LOW major”

“HIGH · LOW” is a transaction once an hour, but this item is different from “HIGH · LOW” in that the transaction is possible six times per hour.

For currency pairs, it is only US dollar / yen and it can be said that it is suitable for those who want to trade with only US dollar and yen.

In addition, this product has a dedicated account, and there is no need to transfer it is also different from HIGH · LOW.

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